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Welcome to Gameplan PEI

GamePlan is Prince Edward Island's strategy to develop and diversify the video game sector. Since 2005, PEI's video game sector has been growing in size and prominence, we have game development studios, testing services, customer service centers and audio studios. PEI companies are working on various platforms, primarily Android and iOS. Games produced by our Prince Edward Island companies include: Miner Meltdown, Onion Force, Simpson's Tapped Out, South Park: Tenorman's Revenge, Super Monkey Ball, and Trade Nations.

A lot of jurisdictions are trying to lure video game companies to their area, many offering some level of financial assistance. Prince Edward Island recognizes that incentives are only one small part of what makes an attractive location for your company. That’s why Prince Edward Island has developed a video game mindset. We get the video game industry and culture, and we are passing it on to our partners and to secondary and post-secondary students.

Prince Edward Island is a jurisdiction that offers incentives to eligible companies. But we have much more to offer.

Why would I move my business to PEI?

Good question - I have the answer for you. We understand the challenges that business owners face when they develop their title. Cash flow is tight and you may be taking on contract work to support your business. We have worked with gaming studios before and can help you to navigate these challenges. Prince Edward island offers you the most cost effective location for gaming in North America.

The PEI Advantage

Gameforce: An extra-curricular program offered to junior high school students to teach them the basics of 2D and 3D game design.

Labour Force: Holland College and the University of Prince Edward Island offer programs dedicated to the video game industry.

Low Cost Location: PEI offers the most cost effective location in North America for video game development. This includes facility costs, utilities, labour rates and overhead expenses.

Video Game Labour Rebate: We can offer our clients a payroll rebate on their labour costs for the positions on PEI.

Prince Edward Island has a ‘video game culture’. PEI is committed to growing the video game sector – your sector. We may be small, but we think big – locate a studio in Prince Edward Island for all the right reasons!