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Industry FAQ's

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vIs there a labour supply in PEI for video gaming?

The University of Prince Edward Island graduates Computer Science majors with a Specialization in Video Game Development. The video game programming specialization is built on top of a normal major in computer science. Students will follow the normal course of study for a computer science student during their first two years, taking a few of the video gaming courses as electives. At the end of year two, interested students may apply for acceptance into the specialization. If accepted, the next two years will be a challenging submersion into the nuts and bolts world of video game creation. Working with academic staff and industry mentors, students will learn the process of creating video games, from initial idea to finished product. Students will have access to state of the art equipment and the latest industry products. At the same time, students will have to complete the normal requirements for a major in computer science. Upon completion of the program the student will receive their BSc degree and a certificate noting completion of the specialization.

Holland College offers a 2 year Video Game Art and Design program. The first year of the program provides training in the fundamentals of art and design with a specific focus on how these fundamentals apply in the video game industry. The second year develops students proficiency in art and design skills for the video game industry through a combination of specific curriculum, in-house projects sourced from industry and on-the-job training opportunities when an appropriate match can be made between industry needs and student ability.

vWhat companies are there now?

EA Mobile, icejam, Queen Bee Games, Rabbit Hole Studios, Contagious Gaming, Sculpin QA, Ooka Island and Funky Finger Productions .

vWhat games have been made in PEI?

Some of the games include The Simpson's Tapped Out for iOS, South Park Tenorman's Revenge, Super Monkey Ball and Super Monkey Ball 2 for iPhone, Puzzlings for iPhone and mobile, Mortal Kombat for the Nintendo DS, Castlevania for XBLA, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 for mobile, Legends of Wrestlemania 2009 for iPhone, the highly popular Trade Nations on IOS, NBA Jam 11 for EA (IOS), Duty Calls, Dark Void Zero, and more.

vWhat is the weather like?

Like most places in Canada there is snow, however it doesn’t usually arrive until late December and is usually gone by late March. The summer is moderately warm, with some of the warmest water north of Virginia. Swimmers on the South shore venture in the water in May and it’s warm through to mid September. Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons in PEI with temperatures often in the low 20’s C/ 70’s F as the moderating Gulf waters delay the onset of winter.

vAre there any incentives for video game companies?

For approved companies, there is a year over year labour-based rebate.

vHow difficult is it to bring in employees from outside of Canada?

Many of the companies in PEI have hired staff from outside the country. The process is not a complicated one. Once Service Canada determines there is a need for the position to be filled from outside Canada, a company receives a positive Labour Market Opinion. The employee can then apply for a Work Permit and work in PEI. PEI's video gaming companies have been successful in hiring from the UK, Brazil, China and other countries.

vWhere do I even start if I want to open a new studio in PEI?

We can help you with the process. Please reach out to me, Cody Clinton with Innovation PEI

Our first step is to learn about you and your business. Anything you can provide to help us with that would be a great first step.

vHow difficult is it to get to PEI?

PEI has daily direct flights year round to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Halifax. In the summer months, there are also direct non-stop flight to New York City through Delta. You can drive to PEI at any time, with a permanent link to the Mainland via the Confederation Bridge, a 12.9 kilometer (8 mile) long structure.

vHow big is PEI?

There are 145,000 permanent residents of Prince Edward Island, with the largest city being Charlottetown, the Province’s capital. The Greater Charlottetown Area has 58,000 residents. PEI measures 224 kilometers (139 miles) from tip to tip.

Having full Provincial Status within Canada, and being a tourism destination, PEI has many more amenities than other jurisdictions of its size, featuring three levels of government, seven hospitals, numerous schools, airport, most of the big box stores, plenty of restaurants, live theatre, sporting events and racino.